So someone (oh I couldn’t possibly say who, but it was an afternoon in the countryside before all the cider) once said ‘You’re so funny, stuck in yr bubble with all yr books.’  And I supposed that it was true and whilst I am not promising any great attempts at humour (you and I know he meant weird, not Ha Ha), I am quite horrendously inviting you to join me in receiving dispatches from my bubble attic.  Not everything will be on the books that engulf the room (although Isherwood is currently making being impecunious more glamorous for me), but instead any number of those topics beloved to an alcoholic, Russel Group MA student, say, Art (well, that had to be number 1); fashion (I get up to get dressed), politics (for when I am feeling sad with the world) and all the blurry nights when I escape Somerset and flee East to London may get attention.  

It would be especially nice to get replies and contributions on any of the above topics, or others of a similarly interesting nature.  I would welcome almost anything apart from laudatory missives to David Cameron or anything awfully female on periods *both grim and subject to censure*.