Back in Bristol and the daydream of my miniature escape to London is fast travelling away on a cloud.  I walked down by the Waterfront looking at all the places my bank account will no longer allow me to spend money in and think of the houses down by the park that are as inaccessible as mansions.  I am attending a very rich university and I could not even afford to live in a tower block right now.  Still, that is beside the point.  Because The Point of the last 4 days was uninterrupted positive thinking.  About the wonderfully unexpected thing that would occur at some point in the future (around next August/September would be fantastic, thankyou).

Until then, we talk about the Bloomsbury group, stomp up Park St., and nearly faint at Temple Meads.  Waiting for Alice in Wonderland Day (29th February) to bring with it a pay check.  This is the same day I was meant to have applied for a PhD place by.

Ho Ho, say the little people.